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Setup action

After setting up triggers in Zaraz, the next crucial step is creating actions for your tools, like Google Analytics 4. Actions in Zaraz define what a tool does when the conditions of a trigger are met. This guide will focus on creating an action for the ‘Form Submitted’ trigger in Google Analytics 4.

1. Access Zaraz Tools Configuration

Log into your Cloudflare dashboard at Cloudflare’s login page. Select your account and the domain where you want to set up the action.

2. Locate Google Analytics 4 in Third-Party Tools

Navigate to ‘Zaraz’ > ‘Tools Configuration’. Under ‘Third-party tools’, find Google Analytics 4 and select ‘Edit’. This step allows you to configure actions specifically for Google Analytics 4.

3. Create a New Action

Click on ‘Create action’. This is where you define what happens when the trigger conditions are met. For instance, when a form is submitted on your site – a scenario we’re focusing on with the ‘Form Submitted’ trigger.

4. Name Your Action

Give your action a descriptive name that clearly indicates its purpose. For example, name it based on the event it’s tracking, like ‘Track Form Submission’.

5. Select the ‘Form Submitted’ Trigger

In the ‘Firing Triggers’ field, choose the ‘Form Submitted’ trigger that you’ve previously set up. If you select more than one trigger, the action will start when any of the selected triggers are met.

6. Configure Action Details

Depending on the requirements of Google Analytics 4, you might need to choose an Action type or fill in additional fields. This step customizes the action to suit the specific needs of your Google Analytics 4 setup.

7. Save the Action

After configuring the details, click ‘Save’. Your new action will now appear under ‘Tool actions’ in Zaraz, linked to the ‘Form Submitted’ trigger.

8. Edit or Manage Actions

If needed, you can always go back to edit or manage this action by navigating to the ‘Edit tools and actions’ section in Zaraz.

With the action now set up in Zaraz for Google Analytics 4, you have successfully linked the ‘FormSubmit’ trigger to a specific response in your analytics tool. This setup enables more precise tracking and analysis of form submission events on your website, enhancing your data collection and insights.

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