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Setup your first tool in Zaraz

Integrating third-party tools like Google Analytics 4 into your website is streamlined with Cloudflare Zaraz. This guide will walk you through adding Google Analytics 4 to your Zaraz configuration.

1. Log into Cloudflare Dashboard

Access Cloudflare’s login page and enter your credentials. Once logged in, select your account and the specific domain you wish to configure.

2. Navigate to Zaraz Tools Configuration

In the dashboard, go to ‘Zaraz’ > ‘Tools Configuration’ > ‘Third-party tools’. This section is designed for managing and integrating new tools with your website.

3. Add Google Analytics 4

Click on ‘Add new tool’ and select Google Analytics 4 from the tool library. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed with the addition. When you add a tool, Cloudflare Zaraz automatically creates a default ‘Pageview’ trigger, which activates when a page is viewed on your site.

4. Configure Google Analytics 4 Settings

In the setup section, input the necessary information for Google Analytics 4, such as tracking ID and website URL. If you have variables that you want to use with Google Analytics 4, you can add them here by selecting the ‘+’ sign in the drop-down menu under ‘Variables’​​.

5. Save Your Tool Configuration

After correctly entering all the required information, save your configuration. Google Analytics 4 is now added to your Zaraz setup and will start working with the default ‘Pageview’ trigger.

For guidance on adding additional triggers, please refer to this detailed guide.

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